Identity Theft Protection

For the Entire FAmily

Superior Identity Theft Protection and Restoration

We include identity theft protection as a central benefit of our remarkable rewards program.

We monitor the dark web, scanning every conceivable place a criminal might be lurking. Our cutting-edge proprietary software and scanning algorithms enable us to offer the most reliable identity theft coverage available today.

We continuously monitor billions of pieces of information to discover potential threats. When threats are detected, we send clients real time fraud alerts.

Identity Theft Protection with Two Distinct Differences

Our monitoring and theft recovery plan does not require clients share any non-public information (NPI) such as “Date of Birth” or “Social Security Number” with us to retain coverage. An industry first.

If their identity profile has been compromised, we will completely restore it back to pre-theft status at no charge. Other ID Theft companies do not. Just ask them!

Children are at the Greatest Risk of Identity Theft

Our children are a favorite target for identity thieves. The new online distance learning brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the pool of unaware students. This  is impossible for parents and caregivers to monitor.

Juvenile online identity theft is growing fast and may go unrecognized for years making it much more difficult to restore. It is often first recognized when adolescents begin filing their college applications.

Restoring an Identity Profile can be a Difficult and Time-Consuming Mess

Identity restoration is a complex, interwoven process. Victims are stuck with endless calls across multiple departments with countless companies and government agencies.

We assign a Personal Advocate who will do the identity restoration work for our clients…  or – on behalf of our clients.

Once we fix an identity theft issue, clients have our “Stay Fix Guarantee” to resolve any issues that may resurface.

The choice of Finance and insurance giants for over 10 years

For the past 10 years this Identity Protection Product was available exclusively as a white label program to the customers of prestigious companies including:

  • GM
  • AON
  • Travelers
  • AIG
  • Ford

Currently over 3.5 Million Members

Everyone is at risk from our children to our grandparents.

Personal information is everywhere.

Criminals are most effective when their victims are uninformed.

Join some of our largest companies by rewarding your supporters with the opportunity to protect their online identity.  

The Very Unique Reward of Identity Protection