Rewarding Generosity

The Power of Appreciation

Innovative, Comprehensive, Efficient

CauseFunders is a first to market Rewards-Based Fundraising platform that transitions annual donors into monthly patrons. This is achieved by rewarding supporters with a premier savings program on items they are currently using every day.

Their yearly savings generates additional funds allowing them to be more generous when making their annual donation.

Patron Portal

These prices and deals are so good our vendors require that they are accessible through the user-friendly patron portal.

Currently, that savings is up to 60% below competitor prices.

Top-Rated Products

Our products include the leading solution to the #1 consumer concern in the USA today – and at an unbeatable price.

In return for providing this benefit, your organization receives 24% of your patrons’ purchases in monthly funding.

Appreciation is Twofold

Your appreciation becomes a two-fold benefit.  Supporter patronage pays them back in savings.

Their purchases create a new source of monthly revenue to your organization.

Personalized Website

Your supporters are introduced via email to your personalized product and fundraising website thanking them for their support.

This email invites them to join your rewards program to save money on a current high-demand product and everyday items at crazy good prices.

Engagement Fuels Success

Appreciation through Rewards

It’s all about rewarding your donors and making them feel appreciated.

This is the only fundraising tool that gives back without asking for a donation.

Savings Promotes Engagement

We all enjoy saving money. Accordingly, supporters will eagerly engage with and patronize your rewards program.

Engaged supporters naturally connect with friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers about the great deals they are getting.

The Social Network Effect

In today’s world good news travels fast via forwarded emails, cell phones, text messages and social media.

This maximizes your cause’s exposure, organically raises more funds, and grows your donor base.

Effortless, Innovative, Controlled

Our platform streamlines your fundraising efforts through one comprehensive program.

This innovative technology provides e-Receipting, Thank You notes, real-time accounting, dashboards, and 24-7 analytics.

You have continuous access and complete control of your data.

Partners in Your Success

Keeps your employees safe

Creates a new source of monthly revenue

Expands exposure to your cause

Delivers everything you need for success

all at no cost to you

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Effortless Fundraising with Rewards