Reward Your Supporters


Reward-Based Fundraising

Most fundraising campaigns

just ask for donations

We reward your supporters with huge savings on everyday products and services

The CauseFunders Difference

CauseFunders simplifies and takes a more efficient approach to fundraising:

  • Rewards supporters for their generosity

  • Creates a substantial new source of sustainable funding

  • Overcomes the barriers caused by COVID-19 using a virtual platform


Rewarding Supporters

Our top-tier rewards program offers products and services in high demand to your supporters, at prices well below market value.

Currently, that savings is up to 45% below competitors’ prices.

Funding Your Cause

In return for providing these benefits, your organization receives 24% of your patrons’ purchases in monthly funding. 

Compare our return to the AmazonSmile program which returns 0.5% (half of one percent) to their charities.

Overcomes COVID-19

Our virtual fundraising platform means that there is no need for any face to face interaction between your staff and your supporters.  There is no merchandise to handle or money to collect. Launch safely and manage your fundraising program entirely online. 

Your supporters benefit with huge savings on everyday items – often exceeding their annual contribution.

Game-Changing Fundraising Solution


The key to effective fundraising is engagement.

Saving your supporters money energizes engagement in your fundraiser.


Growing your donor base is a big job.

Supporters quickly connect with others about great deals attracting new donors to your cause.


 Creating loyalty to your cause is a must. 

There is no better way to foster loyalty than to thank your supporters with valuable rewards.

Our rewards-based fundraising platform accomplishes these 3 objectives seamlessly

Engaging Your Supporters with Rewards

Engage Supporters

Attract more donors and patrons to your cause by rewarding their generosity.



Ignite Network

Harness  the relationship power of your supporters and grow your donor base.

Raise More Funds

Rewarding supporters fosters loyalty and creates a new source of funding.

The PatronRewards Difference

In addition to creating a substantial source of sustainable funding for your organization PatronRewards:

  • Rewards your supportrs for their patronage and generosity

  • Offers a world-class Identity Protection program at the lowest price

  • Includes an innovative way for your patrons to pay for the identity protection


All this while overcoming the barriers caused by COVID-19 using a virtual platform

Your supporters  benefit with huge savings on everyday items – often exceeding their monthly contribution.

Manage this program virtually, achieve these outcomes effortlessly.

Generosity has its own Rewards